CATV front cabinet-7044 »

CATV front cabinet
high width depth
1740mm 550mm 370mm

1. Firm and reliable structure design; Adopting high quality raw material.
2. Double layers insulation design which provides high protection performance against sudden change of the internal working temperature and creation of dew.
3. Protrudent coping design which offers effective protection to the main body.
4. All cabinets will install limit devices which provide protection to operatiors while working outside.
5. Exclusive Design of folded PC table;providing convenience for operation.
6. Using IP65 outdoor lock which is three point belocking structure.
7. Exclusive design and taking strict test for theftproof performance.
   a. Theftproof lock design which has a theftproof cover and padlock for each lock (have applied for patent)
   b. Installing access monitoring devices for all doors, which will output a warning signal when door is opened illegally.
   c. Adopting hidden gemel for doors.
   d. No exposed screws on the surface of the entire cabinet.
   e. Installing foundation bolt inside the cabinet.
8. Adequate wiring space; ideal structure for wiring.
9. Adopting special outdoor plastic powder coating on the surface of cabinet which will provide excellent protection.
10. Multi-installation: hanging (wall-mount, aerial), grounding (against wall, independent)etc.
11. The safety level can comply with the requirement of Protection Classification IP55.
12. Secured and reliable grounding system.
13. The cabinets are designed to be able of serving for more than 15 years.