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Server Cabinet
high width depth U number
2017mm 600mm 1000mm 42
2017 mm 600mm 800mm 42
1817mm 600mm 1000mm 37
1817mm 600mm 800mm 37
1317mm 600mm 1000mm 26
1317 mm 600mm 800mm 26

Design characteristics
· Complying with the standard of ANSI/EIA-310-A,IEC297-2,DIN41491;PART1 AND GB/T15395-1994;
· Beautiful figure (patent), excellent techniques, precise dimensions, synchronization with the international level, adding value to
your project;
· Beijing compatible with the standard of 19" international standard,metric standard and ETS;
· All are made of ten percent-off thickened materials with cold-rolled steel plate;
High-density mesh front door (patent), mesh back door, mesh sole plate and mesh coping can meet the requirements of protection
of the machinery, ventilation, heat ejection and running state observation from outside;
· The bottom, top, air blow, air ejection and heat ejection can be chosen to raise the reliability of the equipment;
· Firm structure with the maximum static load of 1200kg ;
U-figures recognizable signs;
· It can be opened and closed freely to adjust the wire passage of the upper and the lower parts;
· Any power distribution unit can be installed;
Pedestals, sole angles and bottom wheels can be chosen to secure the machine cabinet;
· Front and back doors, light and right doors, copings and sole plate are convenient for disassembly and assembly;
· Strong and compact machine cabinet combination connecting(patent);
Advanced touch-style revolving locks of the machine cabinet;
Complete fittings;
· Degrease,acid wash,antisepticised with phosphor,water washing ,imported plastic powderand coating with plastic static spraying.