Cabinet-7011 »

Design characteristics
· The appearance design is luxurious and handsome, fully in accordance with the 19" Standard and ETSI Standard followed by international inter-net products;

· It wholly uses high-quality SPCC cold rolling steel plate with the thicknesss of 1.2-2.0mm and the maximum static load of 800kg;

· The visual area of the front door is large so that it is convenient for observing equipment;
· The front door bar of high-density meshes is good for ventilation and heat ejection and the whole beautiful figure.


high width depth U number
(2250)2200 mm 600mm 600mm 46
(2050)2000 mm 600mm 600mm 41
(1850)1800 mm 600mm 600mm 37
(1650)1600 mm 600mm 600mm 32
(1350)1300 mm 600mm 600mm 26
(1050)1000 mm 600mm 600mm 19

· The allowing space of all sides is convenient for circuit management;
· All open-style ,all detachable ,it is convenient for construction in small space;
· The upright post can be moved back and forth,adjustment can be made according to the equipment;
· The tray can be moved in any direction, which is convenient for assembly;
· Built-in high-speed axis fans and multifunctional power supply;
· The structure is strong and reasonable. It can be installed freely and it is convenient for both arranging circuit and transportation;

· Simple assembly to provide a quick solution of many machine cabinets linked together;
· The whole machine is dealt with through phosphate antisepsis plastic spraying.