We Provide Top-Notch Services ToOil & Gas Industry We provide the best Service ToTelecom Industries We Provide The Best Service ToThe Mining Industry
We Provide Top-Notch Services ToOil & Gas Industry
We have Over 20 Years of professional experience servicing reputable oil and Gas companies in West-Africa.
We provide the best Service ToTelecom Industries
With Over 20 years of servicing clients in the telecom industry, we pride ourself to provide the best of service.
We Provide The Best Service ToThe Mining Industry
Our clients in the mining industry trust us to deliver the best of service anytime.

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Afinbo NIG.

We Are An indigenous limited liability telecommunication company specializing in optical Fibre telecommunication system and civil construction works of varrying types and degress.

Afinbo Nigeria Limited is engaged in optical Fibre telecommunication services to meet the exploding demand and to address the current state of underdevelopment ot almost complete lack of experience and expertise currently plaguing the industry in the sub-region.

We have been engaged in the high tech supply, provision of civil engineering products, and construction of varrying types and degrees in the past. Listed below are some of the services we render to our highly esteemed customers.

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Fusion Splicer Related Products

We proudly supply and service the premier fusion splicing product line offered in North America–by Fujikura’s fusion splicing solutions. 

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Conductor Accessories

Our conductor accessories provide superior performance and reliability for electric power utilities and rail companies. Drawing on the experience gained from over 80 years designing and manufacturing accessory products, AFL’s conductor accessories improve the reliability of critical electrical and optical infrastructure used for the transmission and distribution of electricity.

Test and Inspection

Fiber testing equipment for accurate results every time. We source for good-quality test and inspection tools that are easy to use and provide quick results, without complicated training requirements.

Aluminum Clad Steel

Our aluminum clad steel products are manufactured with a high-purity aluminum powder compacted around a high-strength steel rod. With subsequent applications of heat and pressure, a bimetallic rod with a dense, inseparably welded cladding is obtained.

Copper Apparatus

Our copper apparatus product line leads the industry by providing best-in-class products exceeding customer expectations.

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