ASW-02 Workstation


  • Includes hardware to allow either pole or strand mounting
  • Compatible with current bucket and ladder mounting accessories
  • Tripod mount allows for placement in tight FTTH splicing applications
  • Includes cable tie locations to secure cables during splicing
  • Optimized to simplify taut sheath splicing applications
  • Cleaver mount securely captures the cleaver and allows the operator to rotate it in and out of the workspace as needed
  • Matte finish minimizes glare



The ASW-02 Splicing Workstation can be used with a splicer and cleaver in aerial or terrestrial applications. The work tray provides a stable work surface and secure mounting of the fusion splicer and cleaver to prevent accidental drops. The ASW-02 consists of a tray, the cleaver mount arm, the pole mount bracket, and a set of dual safety straps used to snap onto the strand, secure around the pole or hoist the tray and splicer up to the aerial cable (while the clamping system is adjusted).


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