FST-12 Fiber Separation Tool


  • Enables the separation of groups of fibers or single fibers and is not limited to only even-numbered groupings.
  • One-handed operation allows the operator’s other hand to guide and control the ribbon at all times, minimizing the potential for accidental damage to the fibers or ribbon.
  • The hand-held method eliminates the need to utilize valuable work surface space for operation and is the ideal solution for remote-site and aerial operations such as bucket truck or ladder-sling applications.
  • Performing two overlapping separations of the ribbon allows any single fiber or any sub-group of fibers to be extracted from the ribbon, even in mid-span taut-sheath operations where minimal ribbon length is available.



The FST-12 Fiber Separation Tool is used to quickly, accurately, and reliably split ribbons into sub-groups or individual fibers. The ergonomic FST-12 design enables safe and reliable, one-handed operation for use in diverse fiber deployment environments, such as aerial and remote-site applications.


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