Nyfors Cleavers

The AutoCleaver series is a comprehensive product platform with various models for cleaving standard and large diameter optical fibers. Different models are carefully optimized for precision cleaving of standard, specialty, and large diameter fibers with cladding diameters between 80 and 1000 micrometers.



Product Variation

Model AutoCleaver AutoCleaver S1 AutoCleaver S2
Cladding diameter 80 to 230μm 80 and 125 μm 80 to 600µm/
30 to 1000 μm
Model AutoCleaver LDF AutoCleaver LDA AutoCleaver LDF-M
Cladding diameter 230  to 1000 μm 230  to 800 μm 80 to 600 μm
Model Cleave Meter 3D
Fiber cladding 125 to 1200µm


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