Specialty Fiber Fusion Splicer FSM-100 series

The Fujikura specialty fiber splicer FSM-100 series offers a host of innovative technologies to address the rapidly expanding splicing needs for factory,
manufacturing, laboratory and R&D applications. These capabilities is revolutionizing the way users splice various types of specialty fibers, LDFs, PMFs and so on.


Product Variation

Model FSM-100P FSM-100M FSM-100P+ FSM-100M+ 
Cladding diameter 60 to 500μm 60 to 1200μm
Electrode swing
PM Fiber splicing
End view fiber observation system
Sweep length 0 to 10mm 0 to 36mm


Optimal Plasma Zone Control

The patented “Split V-groove” and electrode systems create flexibility within the plasma zone.

Observation Method for Fiber Rotation Alignment

Side View FSM-100P/100P+ series only

Panda Mode

Matching with Panda fiber brightness data

IPA Mode    IPA/IPA2

   New added

Interrelation Profile Alignment

Profiling from brightness data for each degree and matching the interrelation of L-R fibers


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