Specialty Fiber Stripper SS110

The SS110 is the latest specialty fiber stripper from Fujikura Ltd. The automatic stripping mechanism provides both easy operation and stable quality. Replaceable stripping blades enables the SS110 to strip various sizes of fiber, such as 125µm cladding / 900µm coating. The SS110 can read the RFID tag underneath the new FH110 fiber holder series and select a proper program automatically.




Applicable for various sizes of fibers and coatings


Optional blades enable the stripping of various sizes of fibers, such as 125µm cladding / 900µm coating as well as others.

Wireless communication by RFID

The new RFID tag equipped in the FH110 fiber holders communicate with the SS100 and set the predefined stripping program.

Automatic stripping operation

The automatic stripping mechanism provides both easy operation and stable stripping quality.

 Standard package
 Item  Model  Qty
Specialty Fiber Stripper SS110  1pc
Blade SB-SS110-125-250 Equipped
1 pair
AC Adapter  ADC-21  1pc
AC Power Cord  ACC-xx
08: Japan
09: USA
10: UK
11: EU
12: Australia
Blade Cleaning Brush  BRS-03 1pc
USB Cable USB-01 1pc
Hexagonal Wrench HEX-01 1pc
Instruction Manual PDF file stored in Stripper
Quick Reference Guide QRG-10-E or J 1 pc
Item  Model Remark


SB-SS110-80-160 Blade for 80µm Cladding Diameter /160µm Coating Diameter
SB-SS110-125-250 Blade for 125µm Cladding Diameter/250µm Coating Diameter
SB-SS110-125-900 Blade for 125µm Cladding Diameter/900µm Coating Diameter
SB-SS110-250-400 Blade for 250µm Cladding Diameter/400µm Coating Diameter
SB-SS110-400-550 Blade for 400µm Cladding Diameter/550µm Coating Diameter
Holder Adapter Plate AD-SS110-FH70 Fiber Holder Adapter for FH-70

Fiber Holder

FH110-60 60μm Coating Diameter
FH110-100 100μm Coating Diameter
FH110-125 125μm Coating Diameter
FH110-150 150μm Coating Diameter
FH110-180 180μm Coating Diameter
FH110-210 210μm Coating Diameter
FH110-250 250μm Coating Diameter
FH110-300 300μm Coating Diameter
FH110-350 350μm Coating Diameter
FH110-400 400μm Coating Diameter
FH110-500 500μm Coating Diameter
FH110-600 600μm Coating Diameter
FH110-700 700μm Coating Diameter
FH110-800 800μm Coating Diameter
FH110-900 900μm Coating Diameter
FH110-1000 1000μm Coating Diameter
FH110-1100 1100μm Coating Diameter
FH110-1200 1200μm Coating Diameter
FH110-1300 1300μm Coating Diameter
FH110-1400 1400μm Coating Diameter
FH110-1500 1500μm Coating Diameter
FH110-1600 1600μm Coating Diameter
FH110-1700 1700μm Coating Diameter
FH110-1800 1800μm Coating Diameter
FH110-1900 1900μm Coating Diameter
FH110-2000 2000μm Coating Diameter


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